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Get these exclusive features:

  • Zero Click Tomcat install
  • Dedicated Instance
  • SSH access + Tomcat Manager
  • All Tomcat versions incl. legacy
  • Setup Support
  • Migration Support
  • Free temporary URL


Our special features in more detail

No-Click install

We install Tomcat for you - no messing about with control panels, setup scripts or FTP. Your account is ready to use with Tomcat setup and configured.

Dedicated Instance

You will have full access to the Tomcat directory tree, including server.xml. You will be able to stop and start Tomcat yourself and deply by WAR or FTP. We provide live access to the Catalina log for debugging purposes.

SSH acess

Set up SSH access to your Tomcat hosting account and get complete control over Tomcat - Start/Stop, tail logs, etc. Also available is Tomcat Manager - deploy WAR files and restart your applications via your web browser.

All Tomcat Versions

Whilst most customer will want the latest version of Tomcat, we understand that many existing sites have modified core Tomcat files and don't want or can't update without preparation work. Therefore we'll host a legacy site in Tomcat 4, Tomcat 5 or the latest versions on suitable hosting environments for those versions.

Setup Support

Need help setting up Tomcat? Trouble with an extension that's lacking in documentation? 2020Media is here to help you with your Tomcat setup. Request priority Tomcat support and our experts will install and configure your Tomcat site, explaining the processes as they do, so you too can gain expertise and become a Tomcat guru!

Migration Support

Many 2020Media customers have moved their sites to us from other hosts. We understand the processes needed for a seamless website transfer with zero downtime. If you've been told you can't move your website for technical reasons - speak to us. 9 times out of 10 this isn't true and we can help.

Free Temporary URL

We'll provide a website address for you to access your Tomcat hosting account free of charge - ideal if you are migrating a website from another host and want to check it's working properly before you switch your domain name over; or if you just haven't decided on perfect domain name yet.