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Here's a partial list of the new top level domains that are either available now or coming soon.

.abogado .accountants .accountant .ads .adult .africa .airforce .alsace .amsterdam .apartments .app .aquitaine .arab .army .art .attorney .auction .audio .autos .auto .baby .band .bank .banque .barcelona .baseball .basketball .bayern .bbb .beauty .beer .bet .bible .bingo .blackfriday .black .blog .boats .bom .bond .book .boo .boston .box .broadway .broker .brussels .budapest .business .buy .bzh .cafe .call .cam .capetown .career .cars .car .casa .casino .charity .chat .christmas .church .city .claims .click .cloud .coach .college .cologne .comsec .connectors .contact .corp .corsica .coupons .coupon .courses .cpa .creditcard .credit .creditunion .cricket .crown .cymru .dabur .dad .data .date .day .dds .deals .deal .degree .delivery .dentist .design .desi .dev .diet .digital .direct .discount .diy .docs .doctor .dog .dot .download .dubai .durban .earth .eat .ecom .eco .energy .engineer .esq .esurance .eus .express .faith .family .fans .fan .fashion .feedback .film .final .finance .fitness .fit .flowers .fly .food .football .foo .forsale .forum .free .frl .fun .furniture .fyi .gal .games .game .garden .gay .gcc .gdn .gent .gifts .gives .global .gmbh .gold .golf .gratis .green .group .guide .hair .halal .hamburg .healthcare .health .help .here .hiphop .hiv .hockey .homes .home .hospital .hosting .host .hotel .hot .how .htc .icu .idn .immo .inc .indians .ing .insurance .insure .irish .islam .istanbul .ist .jewelry .joburg .juegos .kids .kid .koeln .kosher .krd .kyoto .latino .lat .law .lawyer .legal .lgbt .life .live .living .llc .llp .loans .loan .lol .lotto .love .ltda .ltd .luxe .madrid .mail .map .market .mba .medical .med .meet .melbourne .meme .memorial .men .merck .miami .mls .mobile .moe .mom .monash .money .mortgage .moscow .motorcycles .moto .movie .mov .mtr .music .navy .network .news .new .ngo .nowruz .now .nrw .okinawa .one .ong .online .ooo .organic .osaka .ovh .paris .pars .party .pay .persiangulf .pets .pet .pharmacy .phd .phone .physio .pid .ping .pizza .place .play .plus .poker .porn .press .prof .property .quebec .racing .radio .realestate .realtor .realty .rehab .reise .reit .rent .restaurant .review .rip .roma .rsvp .rugby .ruhr .run .ryukyu .saarland .safety .sale .salon .sarl .save .scholarships .school .schule .science .scot .search .secure .security .sew .sex .shia .shopping .shop .show .site .ski .soccer .software .soy .space .spa .sports .sport .spot .srl .storage .store .stream .studio .style .sucks .surf .swiss .sydney .taipei .tatar .taxi .team .tech .tennis .thai .theater .tickets .tires .tirol .top .tours .tour .trading .tube .vegas .versicherung .vet .video .vin .vip .vlaanderen .vote .voting .wales .wang .website .webs .web .wedding .wed .whoswho .wien .wine .win .work .world .wow .yachts .yoga .you .yun .zip

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