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A shorter, sharper domain name for .uk

From today, for a limited time, you can claim the matching .uk domain name for every that you have. and holders have descending priority too.
For example is entitled to register It's shorter, sharper and more memorable.

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Why claim your .uk?
In time we believe there will be a complete shift from to .uk - it's shorter, more like other domains, and won't cost any more. You can register and start using it straight away. We're using right now!

Why now?
The rules have been changed to allow new registrations in the shorter format for domain names ending in .uk.
This is due to the large number of new domain name extensions appearing on the market, and .uk has changed to keep pace.

Who can get one?
There are a few minor restrictions - a UK address "for service" must be supplied if you are not in the UK for example. However they are generally open to all. Special registration rights have been given to holders of domain names like you. You have the right to register the matching .uk version of your (whilst the remains registered and subject to a time limit). Rights also exist for and holders.

Need to know more?
We're happy to answer your queries.  If you have domains with other registrars, we can still help. Please give us a call on 0330 010 2020 (local rate) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.