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Setting up 2020Media Mail in your Iphone or Ipad

Important: 2020Media provides for 2020Media services. We do not provide support for other suppliers products. The correct people to provide help with email software, mobile phones, web design software etc, are the suppliers of these products. The notes below are for guidance only and we cannot guarantee they will remain correct if Apple or phone carrier update their systems.

From the main iphone menu, click Settings --> Mail,Contacts, Calendars --> Add Account..
Select Other --> Add Mail Account.

Iphone: New Account

Enter your details. Where it asks for Address, put in your actual email address - not necessarily the same as your username.


You will now need to add the mail server details

Iphone: Account Information

Leave the setting on IMAP for most 2020media mail accounts.

Username: your mail useraname
Password: your mail password

Outgoing Mail server: if you use our service, enter the details from your account letter. OR you can use o2:

Once you click save you will see "verifying IMAP settings", and then ticks next to each setting. The screen will then refresh to a list of mail accounts. Your mail is now set up and you can return to the home screen, and click the Mail icon.

More help:

Mail with Outlook Express

These instructions explain how to set up Microsoft Outlook Express to receive mail. There are many different versions of Outlook Express being used today, and this guide may not be 100% appropriate to the version you are using.


You will need:

  • The details of your POP3 mail account (from us)
  • A dial-up, ADSL or leased line connection to the internet
  • Details of the SMTP mail server of your ISP


  1. Start up Outlook Express.
  2. In the Tools menu, click on Accounts.
  3. A new window will appear. Click on the Add button at the top right and opt to add Mail.
  4. A new window will appear asking for the Display Name. This is the text that will appear on mail that you send to other people. Most people use their name, but you could use nick names. Enter the name that you want to use, then click on Next.
  5. You are now asked for your email address - this is the address that other people will use to contact you and will be in the form 'name @ yourdomain'. The 'name' can be almost anything, but is usually some or all of your name. Please note that Spaces are not allowed.
    'yourdomain' is the domain name that you have registered with 2020Media. It can be found in your account details. It will be something like, or
  6. The next screen asks for details of the mail server. This is where the mail is stored before it is sent to Outlook Express. First check that the top line reads 'My incoming mail server is a POP3 server' The incoming mail server is given to you in your account letter'.

    The outgoing mail server is the SMTP server of your Internet Service Provider (the company you use to connect to the Internet).

    If you do not know what your outgoing mail server is then please Contact us and we will try to help you. We'll need to know who you ISP is, so please include this information.
  7. Click Next, Outlook Express sometimes brings up a warning saying that

    'The specified POP3 server does not appear to be a valid server name, do you want to use it anyway?'.

    Be sure to click YES.
  8. The next screen asks for your login name and password. These are on your account details that we will have email to you when we set up your account. Enter these details, and ensure that the Login using Secure Password Authentication is unticked off. Be sure to enter the details carefully, taking account of capital letters. Click Next.
  9. The next screen asks for a friendly name for the account you have just created. This can be almost anything, but we suggest that you might want to use your domain name.
  10. The final screen asks about how you connect to the internet. If you are using a modem, then click on Connect using my phone line. If you connect on a leased line, or as part of a network click on Connect using my local area network. Click on Next for the last time, and then on Finish.
  11. Congratulations, you're finished. The next time you click on Send and Receive, your POP3 box will be examined.


We hope that this page has made setting up and using Outlook Express to collect your mail as painless as possible. If there is anything we have left out, or you have fruther comments, please send us an email here.

A brief guide to 2020Media's junk mail blocking service

Breakdown of Global Spam Categories

What is spam filtering?
spam filtering is the removal of unwanted email of all kinds before it reaches your inbox. This kind of email can include emails with a new virus, "spam" or a "phishing" attempt. Spam wastes time and energy that can be better spent sending and reading legitimate email. It also frequently contains messages that many people find offensive. Our spam filtering service is being provided a leading supplier in this market, used by many other highly regarded internet service providers (for example Demon Internet).


How accurate is this junk mail filtering service?
No filtering system is 100% accurate, and there is a very small chance that a non-spam email will trigger a filtering rule by mistake (a false positive). However, if your correspondents are sending email via a system that has been flagged as generating nothing but spam then it may be blocked as well. If legitimate email is being blocked then the sender should receive a "bounce" message, alerting them that their email has not been received.

You may still see a small amount of incoming spam. If your address is targeted before the ruleset is updated then you'll be unlucky enough to receive some spam. However, overall, we believe that this is a very effective spam filtering system and the system claims a 98% accuracy rate.


Which products have spam filtering?
The service is available on on POP/IMAP accounts. These are included with all shared hosting accounts and most dedicated and virtual server accounts. They are also available as standalone email services.

Customers who receive email directly to their own servers, or via our 'relay' servers will not be able to benefit from this email filtering service.


What happens to my filtered email?
If you want to view your filtered email, log in via our 2020media WebMail service. You will see a folder for Junk email. This folder automatically deletes older email after a certain period (typically 30 days) so it never gets too full and stops your Inbox from receiving email. If you want to keep a message, move it from the junk folder to the Inbox

Contact us to order junk mail blocking service. We can arrange a free trial if you are not sure.

Getting Started

 Decide what email software you want to use. There are packages that are included as part of the operating system on the computer (Windows Live Mail for Windows and Mail for Macintosh), or packages that are part of a larger suite, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Entourage. There are also excellent email programs that are downloadable for free (Thunderbird, Eudora).


You will need:

  • The details of your POP3 mail account (from us).
  • A  connection to the internet.
  • Details of the SMTP mail server of your ISP or 2020Media.


Enter the required information into the fields in your email program. This is the user name, which is the name that will appear in the recipient's inbox, the email address, the POP (incoming) server and SMTP (outgoing mail) server.

Find out from 2020Media what the name of the POP server is. A POP server is the most common type of server offered but we also support IMAP. it usually has a name like or A POP server almost always requires authentication, which is a user name and password.

Similarly, find out the name of the SMTP server. Some SMTP servers require authentication as well,. In addition, some require advanced security settings such as authentication. Mostly you can use an SMTP service from your broadband provider free of cost, but 2020Media also offer a standalone service that will work on any device, on any connection.Please contact us to add to your account.

Configure any advanced settings, including whether you want to save mail on the email server, attaching any signatures and how often you want your software to check for mail. Remember, you can change these settings at any time, and although changes aren't retroactive (particularly when it comes to saving mail on the server), you will soon find the settings that best suits your needs.


We hope that this page has made setting up and using your mail as painless as possible. If there is anything we have left out, or you have further comments, please Contact Us.

For program specific instructions we recommend checking the Help for that program. EHow Articles also provide help.

2020Media email service offers some new features we hope you'll find useful

New Features


  • IMAP and IMAPS access to all accounts now possible, in addition to POP3.
  • Mailbox size increased to at least 1GB on 2020Media managed mail
  • Control panel to manage your settings on 2020Media managed mail
  • Auto-expiry of messages over 90 days old for security
  • Auto-expiry of messages in Junk folder after 30 days*
  • Unique to 2020Media: Ability to pick up Junk filtered messages using POP3*

Groupware Features available on PlusUsers

  • Shared Domain folder: all users can access this folder - perfect for sharing documents.
  • Calendar: A personal/shared calendar for your users.
  • Address book: a personal/shared address book.
  • WebSync Support: Allow users to Sync Addressbook & Calendar data via Outlook and vice-versa
  • Junk Mail filtering: a service available at no cost to try.

Email Control panel

From 2012, a redesigned email control panel is now part of the customer portal, using our unique Gems - direct access to the tools and features you use the most. The new interface allows customers on 2020Media Managed email the ability to create and modify mailboxes, set up forwarding, and delete unwanted accounts.
If you're not sure if you are on the 2020Media Managed email service, please contact us- most customers are on it already, or can be switched free of charge with no downtime.

Advanced Users

If you're an advanced user, you might find some of the following information useful

Junk Email

In a feature we believe unique, you can download the junk email for offline use.

*Prerequisite: You must be a subscribed to 2020Media's Junk email filtering service.

Accessing the Junk folder via POP is easy. Simply prepend 'junk..' to your username (note there are two dots after 'junk').

So username: john @ becomes username: junk..john @
Please use the same password and incoming mailserver as for the normal account.

Retaining email

If you only access your email via 2020 webmail or IMAP, you should set up a mail client with POP3 access to regularly download messages from our server. Otherwise any email on our mail server more than 90 days old will be expired and no longer be accessible.

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