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Use an Administration Theme

Drupal Hosting from 2020Media
Drupal Hosting from 2020Media

When you build and develop a Drupal website, its possible you may break something as you test it. Sometimes its very difficult to go back and fix it as you may just be getting blank pages via the web interface. Thats why it is a very good idea to set the administration theme to something stable. For example the Garland theme.
That way, when things go wrong, you'll always find your way around to the settings as the administrator.

Change the Drupal Admin theme
Change the Drupal Admin theme

Configure clean URLs



Drupal Hosting from 2020Media
Drupal Hosting from 2020Media

When new pages or articles are created in Drupal, a link is created for it. The URLs of these links contain the string "?q=" and look like:

To improve the look of your links, and make them search engine friendly at the same time, set the Clean URLs option in the Administration section. Go to Administer -> Site Configuration -> Clean URLs. Select Enabled and save. You may need to upload or change the permissions on the file called .htaccess in your web root folder. 2020Media can help you with this.


Improve Drupal site security


Drupal Hosting from 2020Media
Drupal Hosting from 2020Media

If you've used Drupal for a while you may notice you can come back after a couple of weeks and not have to log back in. This is becase the default setting is for Drupal to keep users logged in for 2,000,000 seconds, slightly over 23 days. You can change this by editing a line in the file settings.php.

On the web server, locate settings.php. Its located in the /sites/default directory.
Open settings.php in a text editor such as Notepad. Find these lines, changing the number of seconds as appropriate then save the file.


If you want users to have to login every time they revisit the site, use a zero:


Remember to re-upload the file once you've finished changing it.

Drupal Settings.php
Drupal Settings.php

Remove login box from a drupal site


Drupal Hosting from 2020Media
Drupal Hosting from 2020Media

On a fresh Drupal installation, the front page of the site will include a login form. This is great for some sites, but there are times when you might not want a login box to appear. For example if you are using Drupal as an online store or brochure website. You might not want a login section to appear on any of your pages. You can remove the login form from the current and future nodes on the whole site.

Logged in as Administrator, go to Administer -> Site Building -> Blocks
Find the User log in block and select to disable it. You can also drag it down to the Disabled section.
Click Save blocks. The login form is now removed from all current and future nodes.

Of course, you as the administrator still need a way to login. You can always get to the login page by going to It's a good idea to bookmark this page so you can return to it whenever you need to update your site.

Host System Requirements

Drupal Requirements
Click for Full Size image

Here are the detailed specifications of the server environment that will be needed to host Drupal 7.

  • Apache 1.3 or Apache 2.x. Microsoft IIS also supported
  • A Database Server. MySQL is recommended.
  • PHP 5.2.5 or higher. PHP 5.3 recommended
  • PHP memory 32MB (64MB may be required for production sites with common modules enabled)
  • PHP XML extension
  • GD Library or ImageMagick is needed for image manipulation
  • The following PHP directives:
    • register_globals: off;
    • safe_mode: off;
    • Php Data Objects (PDO);

Drupal Hosting

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