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Check SSL on your site

Once you have installed your SSL Certificate, you can verify that the installation was successful by using the SSL Certificate Installation Checkers on this page.

You do not need always need to use a checker that matches the issuing SSL authority. Links open in a new window.

Requester Email in SSL Enrollment

Normal SSL certificates go through a validation process. One of the processes used it to send an email to a pre-defined name at the domain name. These can be addresses found on the WHOIS for the domain, or one of the list below.

  • admin@domain_name
  • administrator@domain_name
  • hostmaster@domain_name
  • postmaster@domain_name
  • webmaster@domain_name

Normal SSL certificates go through a validation process that not only verifies that the company that is getting the certificate owns the domain name but also verifies that they are a legally registered entity. An EV SSL Certificate, requires more detailed validation of the company and domain name as well as verification of the certificate requestor's authority.

How to display Thawte trusted Site Seal on website


Once your Thawte SSL Certificate has been issued, you have the opportunity to add the Thawte® Trusted Site Seal to your Web site. We have instituted a self-service feature to allow you to obtain your new Thawte® Trusted Site Seal.


To add the Thawte® Trusted Site Seal, perform the following steps:


  1. Go to: .
  2. Click on: Installation Instructions on the left menu or Download your Thawte Trusted Site seal from the center of the page
  3. Click I Accept to agree to the terms and conditions of the Thawte® Trusted Site Seal license agreement and proceed to the installation instructions.
  4. Select the options for the desired Logo format to be displayed on the site from Choose your Seal.

    Please note that the common name must match the common name (CN) (fully qualified domain name) on the SSL Certificate. For example, if the certificate CN is, enter rather than
  5. Click I accept. Create Script to generate the Java Script that should be added into your webpage code.

Note: Create the script on this page and copy it directly into the Web page code. Emailing or copying the code into a word processor may result in errors.


SAN Example
SAN SSL Certificate

Standard SSL Certificates secure only one Fully Qualified Domain Name.

a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL Certificate allows you to add extra “domain” or “server” names to be secured using the same single Certificate. This allows you to build an SSL Certificate that’s simple to use and install, more secure than a Wildcard SSL, and built for your exact server security requirements.

Exchange Unified Communications (UC)

Previous versions of Exchange Server used certificates for several different purposes such as for securing EAS, OWA, RPC over HTTP, POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP. But all Exchange services/protocols were insecure by default, that is you had to secure them by installing a SSL certificate manually after setup. This has changed with Exchange Server 2007 and beyond. When you install an Exchange server a self-signed SSL certificate is created and applied during the setup process. For the purpose of Client Access servers, this SSL certificate is used to secure communication between both Internet clients (Exchange ActiveSync, Outlook Web Access, Outlook Anywhere, POP3 and IMAP4) and internal clients (Outlook 2007) to the Client Access server. The self-signed SSL certificate isn’t trusted by any clients by default, but it makes Exchange Server 2007 a more secure product by default. The next step after installing the self-signed certificate is to obtain a real SSL certificate that supports Subject Alternative Name - SAN

Typically, Microsoft Exchange might use a number of alternate domains that require SSL. These could include:


and perhaps an internal IP Address such as or 'localhost'.

SAN SSL from 2020Media

2020Media offers SAN SSL certificates from a number of SSL authorities. Features include EV (green address bar) and multiple server licences.

  • Secure everything with a single SSL Certificate – easier install and management
  • Gets around technical and security limitations of Wildcard SSL
  • Needs only one IP Address

Contact Us to discuss any aspect of SSL certificates.

SSL certificate installation instructions

The exact method used will vary according to the server software. For instructions to install the SSL Certificate please select your product and server vendor from the list below.

Instructions for Thawte certificates

Thawte uses Intermediate CAs to enhance the security of SSL and Code Signing certificates. Installing the correct Intermediate CAs or CA bundle for the certificate being used is absolutely essential to ensure that users don't see certificate errors when visiting a website or running software secured with a Thawte certificate.

If you need to obtain the Thawte Intermediate CA's, please see AR1384.

Thawte SSL installation instructions

Vendor Trial SSL Certificate SSL123 Certificate SSL Web Server SGC SuperCert SSL Web Server EV
ApacheSSL     View View View View
Apple PowerSchool     View View View View
WebLogic 5.1   View View View View
WebLogic 6.0     View View View View
WebLogic 7.0    View View View View
WebLogic 8.1    View View View View
WebLogic 9.0    View View View View
C2Net Stronghold   View View View View
Citrix Secure Gateway 1.12    View View View View
CPanel Mail Server     View View View View
CPanel Web Server   View View View View
Cisco ASA 5520   View View View View
Cisco CSS 11500   View View View View
F5 Big IP Controller 3.0   View View View View
F5 Big IP Controller 4.0   View View View View
F5 Big IP 9.x   View View View View
Groupwise 6 Netware ES   View View View View
HTTP Server   View View View View
Websphere   View View View View
Jetty Java HTTP Servlet    View View View View
Lotus Notes Domino 6.5   View View View View
Lotus Domino Go   View View View View
Mac OS X   View View View View
Windows 2000 - IIS 5.0     View View View View
Windows 2003 - IIS 6.0   View View View View
Windows 2008 - IIS 7.0   View View View View
iPlanet 4.x     View View View View
iPlanet 6.x     View View View View
Console One       View View View View
Oracle Wallet Manager   View View View View
Orion Web Server   View View View View
Plesk 5   View View View View
Plesk 6   View View View View
Plesk 7   View View View View
Plesk 8   View View View View
SAP Web Application Server   View View View View
Tomcat   View View View View
4D WebSTAR 5.x   View View View View
Zeus Web Server   View View View View
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