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  • Network Status

    Network services and customer accounts are monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our network is BGP multi-homed and we are RIPE members in our own right. Redundant interlinks via multiple fibre-optic connections offers the highest possible resilience against Internet feed failure. We deploy industry standard network defence equipment to protect our customers essential services.

    For more information and to sign up for notifications of planned maintenance and other service related matters, you must be a customer of 2020Media. Instructions on how to sign up are given below.

  • SSL Certificates

    SSL certificates are used to secure comminucations on the internet. Most commonly found on websites, they can also be used to secure email servers, FTP servers, and almost any kind of client-server transaction.


    SSL certificates purchased to secure hosting with 2020Media are installed by our trained system administrators so most of the time our customers never need to know the behind the scenes work that is required to secure their website. However this section list some of the tasks that are undertaken in this process.

    The information will also be useful for customers of SSL certificates that are not hosted by 2020Media - for example on local Exchange servers, websites hosted elsewhere and for development environments.

  • MySQL Database
  • Using Your Account
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  • Joomla! Help
  • E-mail Help
  • Domain Name Support
  • Dynamic Content including Java
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2020Media is a leading provider of small business Wi-Fi hotspots. If you want to offer free Wi-Fi to your customers or users, our service could be exactly what you are looking for. Our Hotspots are managed in the cloud, ultra-reliable and give you loads of information about behaviour patterns of your users. Read More   Read more...
2020Media introduces Moodle Hosting - UK servers and UK Moodle experts setup your site ready to use. Read more...
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