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100% British Hosting

There are benefits to having your website or service physically hosting in the UK. All our hosting, staff, servers, network and billing is done right here in London, UK.


If you host a website with us, or take out a virtual server or dedicated server account then we provide British IP numbers.

Why British or UK hosting?

Search engines want to show pages in the UK to UK users. They want their search results to be sites that load quickly, so that users don't abandon the site and go elsewhere. Therefore, it’s important to have a hosting provider with close proximity to your target audience, preferable located in the same country. With a British web host your website will be a relevant, local site to your UK audience.

Rest of the World

We do not neglect the rest of the world either. Our multi-homed, BGP powered network connects to multiple upstream providers over fast redundant links since 2002. Our network is based in Telehouse, the hub of the internet in the UK and Europe. As home to the LINX and LONAP most of the UK internet traffic passes through Telehouse - also home to 2020Media's network.

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