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2020Media partners with a number of businesses to offer a complete service to the Internet community.


Our business partners are carefully selected industry players of varying sizes, chosen because of their ability to exactly meet our requirements and those of our wide client base.


Some partners offer direct services to the public, others are Business to Business suppliers only.




RIPE is the European Registry for IP addresses and maintains the database of allocations to ISPs. 2020Media applied to join RIPE in 2001 and since becoming a member our network has been multi-homed. By being part of RIPE we are independent of any single supplier of bandwidth which increases reliability and security.





Nominet UK is the Registry for .uk Internet Domain Names and maintains the database of .uk registered Internet names. Nominet is not a governing or regulatory body, but provides a public service for the .uk namespace on behalf of the Internet community. Nominet members steer the general actions of the company and 2020Media is proud to be a full member of Nominet.



Imperial Registrations


ICANN member Imperial Registrations are our partners in gTLD (.com, .net, .org etc) and multilingual domain name registration. Through Imperial Registrations we can offer the very best service in domain names. As a direct partner there are no middle men between your domain names and the registries.


Telehouse Europe is the longest established provider of reliable and secure data centre facilities bar none. 2020Media co-locates the majority of its services in Telehouse under long term direct contracts.


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